It stretches along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast. Its located 30km south of Mombasa in Kwale county. It’s the most beautiful beach in Kenya and among the best in Africa. It’s famous for its white-sand beaches, blue ocean, palm trees, and surfing. It has the best beach resorts for honeymoons, families on holidays, and backpackers for relaxation. Many nature lovers are drawn to the beach by the white sand which is surrounded by abundant forest.

Adventure lovers can’t miss this beach due to the attention brought by the waves near the seashore and the coral reefs, black and white colobus monkey, and nearly located wildlife in Shimba hills national reserve.

Diani beach it’s an amazing place to chill out, it’s like a paradise on earth, with the white sand, palm trees everywhere, warm water, oceanic waves, and something about the sun, it’s magic. A dream for scuba divers and snorkelers. 

You can do a lot of stuff in Diani beach to start with, the beach itself is breathtaking, it consists of pure strands of white sunbaked sand. You can do a range of water sports such as windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, diving by taking safaris on traditional shows. For the landlubbers, you can take golf courses or skydiving school for the most adventurous.

  1. You can also visit kite motion school which is located in the awesome beach area of Bidi Badu.

It is the best school in Kenya for kite surfing and the only one with a rescue boat in Diani. The school is well stocked with the latest kite equipment and the condition of the wind on the beach is favorable for kitesurfing. However, on days the wind is not favorable for kitesurfing. They arrange other activities which you can do or just relax on the beach. It’s a great place for not only kite enthusiasts but also those who want to learn about kite surfing and have fun.

2. You can visit Kaya Kinondo sacred forest which carries on its cultural traditions to become the first Mijikenda sacred forest to open up for tourism which is directed toward exotic, often endangered, natural environments intended to support conservation and support wildlife. A guided tour by one of the members will be a better experience for you to learn about the history and significance of the forest in their culture.

3. Visit the Diani beach art gallery. Artists and art lovers can’t miss stopping by at this gallery which offers a great variety of creative work, fine African art that could be shown not only in Kenya but also in other countries. Stop by here and discover the story of each painting, sculpture, object, learn about artists and even participate in workshops as you enjoy the airy space and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Visit also colobus conservation. Here you will experience the unique coastal forest and its richness in monkeys and other wildlife. It’s designed to promote the conservation, protection, and preservation of primates such as the colobus monkeys. You can take a guided tour and learn about the endangered colobus monkey in a forest and also be able to see those that are being rehabilitated., explore the various primates and even learn their everyday behavior.

5. Another place you can’t miss visiting while in Diani beach is the ocean bliss spa which consists of a spa and health club. It is located in a clean and quiet environment in the heart of Diani beach. They offer holistic massage therapies and other skin and beauty therapies at pocket-friendly prices. They are very relaxing. you will be taught a variety of relaxing techniques you can embrace for simple luxury. 

6. Don’t forget to visit the Shimba hills national reserve for bird watching, game watching, hiking, and also enjoying the refreshing air in the forest.